Private Appointments

Private appointments are available at an hourly rate at my studio on west 35th street. There is no long term commitment necessary for any client to book an appointment. You are free to come as frequently as you need to. There is also no guarantee that I will have the same time available to you on a regular basis. All scheduling will always have to remain flexible.

The more you work with me, the more capable you become of working without me.

A lesson consists of 30 minutes of technical work. That sounds so serious but the exercises are really very fun and easy. I’ll give you a program designed to create balance and alignment which will equal larger range and greater dynamic control.

The second half hour of the session is the application of technical work to the singing, or, a coaching session. I’m an excellent accompanist so you can bring anything you want. If you’re a songwriter we can work on your own music. If you’re looking to start all new material, we can do that too.

You should bring a voice recorder of some kind or a blank cassette. It is essential that you leave with something to practice with.

If you’re the kind of musician that likes to examine and process new information and put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself, one lesson could give you months of work. If you have more of an immediate result in mind, you’ll want to come more often. Whatever you do, take it seriously. Listen to the tapes, come back with questions. This is for you. I can show you how and why to do the exercises, the common pit falls, what to watch out for in your homework. The more you work with me, the more capable you become of working without me. That’s the idea. Whether you go off and create a entire new vocal movement of your own, or continue to work one on one with me, you will know what it is you are doing.

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