The value and power of the group workshop is immeasurable. I used to think that the workshops were a great introduction that would lead the singer to the obvious destination of private lessons. I now see that the workshops have as much impact as private lessons, and for some singers, even more. As one participant of the summer series said:

“If I had come for a private lesson first, and had not seen you work with the other 6 singers, I would have believed about 30% of what you told me.”

I first realized the value of group vocal work when I was a guest speaker at a performance seminar. A client who had been studying with me for at least two years saw me working with a singer from the group and said he had heard me say those words a hundred times but he never really ‘got it’ until he saw the other singer work through it. That’s the beauty of the workshop. You can watch and learn and be inspired by the group. [pullquote]I am an extremely aggressive teacher because I believe that all problems can be fixed and I can show you how to fix them.[/pullquote]The class starts with a brief discussion of some of the main issues we all deal with, and then each singer gets up for 20 minutes to work through their songs. It’s basically a 20-minute coaching session with me. Some of the corrections I give will be easily made on the spot and some will take some time and practice. I am an extremely aggressive teacher because I believe that all problems can be fixed and I can show you how to fix them. If you have the technical ability (or strength) you will be able to make the correction immediately. If you don’t, you will need to address the issue with some specific exercises and consistent practice. That’s the limitation of the workshop. Those personalized exercises need to be given one on one in a private lesson, however, one lesson (recorded) can give you weeks or even months of happy practicing!!! This is a vocal technique workshop only. It is not a performance class. If you feel that ‘your voice is your voice, and you do what you do, and you’re great on stage and you just want to have some fun and do a show’, I am NOT the teacher for you. If you are looking to fix some vocal problems or go beyond your current limitations or just explore some new territory, I’m your man.

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