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  • January 28, 2014

Muscle in real time …part 2

Muscle in real time …part 2

Muscle in real time …part 2 930 1024 Vocal Technique

In the previous post I spoke about being realistic about the time it will take to make the changes you need. It’s not always bad news! There are many problems that will need some rehab , as in ‘stop doing the old stuff and start learning the new’. And there are many issues that can be corrected on the spot. I recently did a guest spot in a performance class and one of the singers was currently performing her own show and was not altogether happy with the performances. I made one correction and the change was so dramatic that it was obvious she was ready to walk right into a new behavior. Those moments are thrilling and inspiring for all still waiting for that ‘readiness factor’.

What impressed me the most was that she then booked 2 hours the next day to re-look at the entire show in her newly released sound. That’s guts!!! And the result was what she was looking for!! My new hero. All within 72 hours. See ??? That’s GREAT news!!!muscle!

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