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  • November 4, 2012

Lonna Marie sings SUMMER IN OHIO

Lonna Marie sings SUMMER IN OHIO

Lonna Marie sings SUMMER IN OHIO 480 360 Vocal Technique

Aside from being an amazingly entertaining performance, this is a great example of the vocal technique that I teach: “Contemporary Mixed Belt”
First of all the word Mix obviously suggests that there are at least 2 components involved. They would be ‘head’ and ‘chest’ voice.When the two are mixed (overlapped), its like leaning from one side of the bike to the other, and always ‘look Ma, no hands’!

You can hear Lonna go from the belt to the mix to her head all through the song at her discretion . It looks so easy on her because she has the muscle required. Just like dancers and Ice skaters make it look easy because they are mighty athletes.

Good vocal technique gives you all the options you need to make the emotional connection the song requires. So, start with Lesson 1 (it’s free) and go from there. Lonna personally endorses “Mix It Up” and I will agree, I’m very proud of that lesson.

Have Fun and let me know how you’re liking the series.

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