Nobody’s Perfect 1024 682 Vocal Technique

Nobody’s Perfect

You can imagine my pride and satisfaction in looking to see how late this entry is and discovering not only that the last post is dated Aug 20, but that…

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Singers are Lazy….. 750 519 Vocal Technique

Singers are Lazy…..

Birdland September 26th 7 pm Singers are lazy, I know because I am one. I have said many times that being a natural at something is not always to your…

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Welcome Back Stage Readers! 1024 716 Vocal Technique

Welcome Back Stage Readers!

New Ad by Bob Peterson Hello and welcome to all the new visitors from our new ads!! So, by now you already know that I am a bit of a…

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Congratulations To All Of The Bistro Award Recipients!! 682 1024 Vocal Technique

Congratulations To All Of The Bistro Award Recipients!!

This is award season here in NYC, where critics and members vote to honor this year’s achievement in live performance. Congratulations to all winners, nominees and everyone involved in making…

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The Invisible Instrument / Intro 2 338 450 Vocal Technique

The Invisible Instrument / Intro 2

There are many things that make singing different from playing an instrument, but the most profound, is definitely, that all we have to work with is language. There is nothing…

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MUSCLE! Intro 1 930 1024 Vocal Technique

MUSCLE! Intro 1

One of the major differences between being a singer and being an instrumentalist is that as a singer, both the instrument and the player are HUMAN!! So, while the pianist…

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Thursday Nights 2010, 2011 640 480 Vocal Technique

Thursday Nights 2010, 2011

Mardi Grant at The Duplex Happy New Year to you all. This post is so late, I have changed the content three times already, in my head anyway! So much…

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I Love My Monday Nights! 1024 682 Vocal Technique

I Love My Monday Nights!

Monday night is my Advanced Vocal Technique Workshop, and as usual, it was tremendously inspiring! read more
Patrick DeGennaro
Backstage interview with Vocal Coach Patrick DeGennaro 276 400 Vocal Technique

Backstage interview with Vocal Coach Patrick DeGennaro

Vocal Ease – A World Full of Yes Vocal coach Patrick DeGennaro discusses his technique Ask Patrick DeGennaro to sum up his technique in a sentence — perhaps not the…

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