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  • August 5, 2016



TENSION 395 276 Vocal Technique

The last blog entry was about pressure, today’s is about tension. Similar, yes! The amount of tension in the body can completely change a singers ability level. Release and relaxation are essential elements in the technical pre-work and I’m finding it more and more beneficial to start without pitches. “Em’s ,”el”s and ah’s sliding through spoken voice intervals are better than a 5 pitch scale to get the face , jaw, tongue and articulators to relax. Moving shoulders, wrists and elbows also immediately help the singer find the magic release!! Everything improves when we get to the Zero gravity state; tone, pitch, ring, vocal fold closure , and endurance and strength all benefit. Keep the lips lazy and full feeling and enjoy the opportunity to experience a finer level of control.

Revisit old lessons with a new focus on eliminating tension as you work and you’ll very quickly start hearing as well as feeling the difference.

Try Falsetto Fix / Sopranos Too !!

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