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  • August 20, 2011

Singers are Lazy…..

Singers are Lazy…..

Singers are Lazy….. 750 519 Vocal Technique

Birdland September 26th 7 pm

Singers are lazy, I know because I am one. I have said many times that being a natural at something is not always to your advantage. You’re not really aware of what you’re doing right, so when it starts going wrong you have no frame of reference to draw from. The same can be said for very naturally muscular voices. You can get very far off track and still have enough muscle and skill to pull it out, but the prices you pay are tremendous. Someone with a more fragile instrument doesn’t have a very wide margin to work incorrectly from. It’s either on or it’s not. So experience, (both good and bad), and the amount of singing we are doing will determine how reckless and lazy we choose to be with our voices. Now if none of this sounds relevant to you, you are either not singing anywhere near enough, or you’re 14. I have quoted my friend and fellow voice teacher Richard Wall many times when he said …”When you’re 25 you can wash your face with Lemon Pledge!” ….. Get it??

Well, sadly and thankfully, I am not 25, so I am making a commitment to get the muscle memory for my fairly new songs in place well before the first band rehearsal for my September concert! There. It’s public……like a weight watchers meeting , I’ve pronounced my goal in front of you. Do NOT show up at my band rehearsal to see how I did. 😉

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