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  • March 10, 2015

In Real Time

In Real Time

In Real Time 600 600 Vocal Technique

Hourglass__003.jpg50ede7d7-220c-4a19-9774-cdccee4979deLargeOk, first of all I am very late in writing this entry and ironically I’m calling it “In Real Time”. That about says it! Real time is often a lot slower than ‘ideal’ time or ‘hoped for’ time.
The last entry was about colleagues going through medical problems and I can tell you it is taking real time to get through them. First come the tests, then the diagnosis, then the treatment and then the errors in all the previously mentioned. Sad , but true of almost all medical issues. Then comes the rehab and since we are dealing with muscle, it will also take real time to get the desired results. Good news: It all fixable!!!
The voice is a never ending instrument. It doesn’t go back into a case when we’re done making music. It doesn’t sit in the closet till we’re ready to play it. We’re using it all day. It is the communication center of our body and is subject to every emotional and physical change that occurs. It’s so versatile and so expressive it is like no other instrument to play or maintain. (That’s why everybody wants to sing!)

The reason I’m writing about these issues is that I want you to understand that as complicated and as frustrating it may be, the end result is often better than ever! Just because you hit some trouble doesn’t mean the game is over.
I can tell you from my own experience that I have had 3 vocal “nightmares” in my career, and I was happier with my voice coming out of them than I was with my voice going into them. Good news indeed! There is much value in understanding the recovery and repair of any muscle. It gives much needed information and usually leads to a much more sophisticated usage!!

Keep singing!

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