The Technique

The technique is muscle work. Exercise. Simple exercises designed to strengthen the musculature and facilitate the movement of the voice. Like a pianist does scales, like an athlete does sport-specific training, but mostly like a dancer develops his body to execute the movement of choice. A dancer uses small isolated movements such as point and flex before moving on to the next muscle group and more complicated movements. The singer starts with simple un-sustained vowel /consonant combinations to stimulate the smaller muscle groups and work from there. Like a dancer, we are looking to develop a proportioned musculature to achieve maximum efficiency. Maximum range and dynamic control .

The three main objectives are:

  • To tap into the body’s natural resonance
  • To free the larynx (free to move throughout the course of singing)
  • To create a sense of “flow” (efficient use of air, breath)

Once you start working these three behaviors into your singing you will see where and what your voice really is and what you can ultimately build for yourself. In other words, technical ability will never limit the music you can make, it will only maximize what you already have naturally. The aesthetic is ultimately your choice. What you sing and how you sing is what defines you as an artist. A more advanced technique will only give you more options, choices and colors to work with.

Every singer should at least know enough about their instrument to maintain it’s function from year to year with more than just luck! A little information can change the way you’ve been working forever. Start asking questions.

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