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After teaching for over 20 years, I am excited to bring a comprehensive course of vocal technique to you in easy, download-able lessons. These “user friendly,” easy-to-understand exercises are for singers of all levels. I work with beginners to award-winning professionals, and the bottom line is always the same: alignment. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been singing for years and are recently having problems, this technique will help you diagnose the problem as well as correct it.

The Lesson Series

The lesson series are progressive and the singer will find favorites in every lesson. Like all muscle development, you need variety to keep things moving forward.

Specialty Lessons

The specialty series are for special needs for certain voices.

  • Falsetto
  • Gotta Get Warmed Up
  • Mix It Up

In other words, dance classes of all levels start with many of the same exercises/movements. Now, there is a world of difference between how a seven year old girl and Mikhail Baryshnikov execute the movement, BUT a demi-plié is a demi-plié ….know what I mean??

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