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  • November 25, 2010



Thanksgiving 1024 717 Vocal Technique

OK, I’m new to this blog thing so if I get a little corny for the Holiday, forgive me! We all have much to be grateful for, even at times when it’s hard to see.  Aside from the usual list, I am always especially thankful for being able to live a creative life.  All I ever wanted to do was to sing in New York City, and I do! (December 6, 7pm BIRDLAND- sorry- had to do it!).

We all have gifts. Some people have a talent for making a home and making people feel welcome, some people have a talent for cooking amazing food. Whether it’s cutting hair, taking pictures, fixing computers, your gifts are meant to be shared. That may seem obvious when it comes to cooking food, but the creative/performing arts have gotten all twisted up with ideas of success and fame being the deciding factors.  The public or the ‘business’ may decide who gets the spotlight and the contract, but God decided who got the talent long ago.

So, if you’ve been blessed with a voice, SING! Sing for your faith, sing with your friends, there’s always someplace to lend your voice. Or, just put on the CDs and let it rip! It’s such a human need kinda thing!! It’s like dancing; even if you cant do it, you have to do it! I love when I hear a tone deaf person in their car singing to the top of their lungs. They know they don’t belong at a microphone, but they need to feel it! Millions of people go out dancing on a Saturday night with no dreams of becoming a professional dancer. They like the feeling! Me too!!

So if you have been blessed with music, it’s not only appropriate to share it, it’s selfish not to.

Happy Thanksgiving

Patrick DeGennaro


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